January 23, 2022
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Beauty is many things. Luxurious, subjective, and perhaps, extensive. But there is also a personal aspect to it. That at its core, generations are linked through tradition and the legacy of the people before them. It’s a common notion behind some of our favorite AAPI-owned beauty brands that celebrate and share their own heritage with the world.

While the beauty industry is coming around to being more inclusive of people of color and of different backgrounds, it’s exciting to see so many new brands popping up. Ahead, we rounded up our favorites that are more than great products, but set the standard for the change that is coming.

Photo: Courtesy of Fable & Mane

Selling out Sephora within weeks of launching is a big feat—especially at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic. But right around the time that people were stuck at home, calming down, and looking inwards, they were also taking extra care of their hair. The reason it sold out a second time? Well, the products speak for themselves.

Founded by Nikita and Akash Mehta, the brand launched with one mission in mind, to return to their roots. When she visited home, their grandmother would massage their hair with her potent plant roots and oils that she grew in her Indian garden, as she would often tell them beautiful centuries-old myths, tales and stories that they bonded over later on.

“In our family, beauty brought people together over rituals. Our upbringing was all about community and respecting each other, especially our elders. Beauty was a self-care practice, with meaningful intentions,” says Mehta. Their hero product, the HoliRoots Treatment Oil contains the ‘magical’ dashmool, which has 10 different strengthening roots and nourishing Ashwagandha, proving that thousands of years later, these ingredients still have the power.

Photo: Courtesy of Kulfi Beauty

In India, no celebratory meal is complete without the wonderful, colorful ice cream dessert called Kulfi. With a sweet, cheeky take, Priyanka Ganjoo honors her Indian heritage with her makeup brand, Kulfi. The brand’s first product takes on the beloved, centuries-old ritual, the Underlined Kajal Eyeliner with a personal emphasis on self-expression with fun colors—traditionally, kajal eyeliners are as integral to South Asian culture as it gets. “You will often find Grandmas making kajal in their kitchen while burning almond and ghee or castor oils to make a thick, creamy paste, traditionally used to ward off “nazar” or “evil eye.”

Growing up, Ganjoo didn’t always feel confident or beautiful wearing makeup and erred on the side of being extremely uncomfortable around the idea of beauty. “I never sought products that would help me feel more beautiful because I felt like I didn’t belong,” Ganjoo says. Her approach? Give it a new definition. “Rather than reducing parts of me to “fit in,” I now use the generations of beauty traditions I carry with me loudly and proudly as a source of empowerment and as a way to celebrate my uniqueness,” states Ganjoo.

Photo: Courtesy of Shaz & Kiks

Built on encouragement, care and their immeasurable bond as sisters, Shaz and Kiku Chaudhuri are bringing Indian beauty secrets that they learnt over their summers spent in the Himalayan foothills. “The very impetus of creating Shaz & Kiks was for us to pay homage to our Indian heritage and celebrate it—from the very beginning of our supply chain, to our product …….

Source: https://coveteur.com/aapi-owned-beauty-brands