November 27, 2021
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Closing the loop: How beauty is accelerating the transition towards circular beauty in the post-pandemic era –


Adding fuel to the fire are the extraordinary lifestyle shifts we have experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw the rate of online shopping and food deliveries intensify, sparking more concern about waste.

Such patterns have reignited the societal debate about sustainability and beauty companies have started to clock onto the need to take ownership of the products they produce and send out into the world.

Cosmoprof Asia and CosmeticsDesign-Asia will be presenting a live webinar to better understand how the beauty industry can accelerate the transition to circular beauty. The webinar will take place on November 12 at 16:00 (HKT/UTC+8).

On the panel to discuss this topic are Michael Tognetti Global Sustainability Senior Director of WWP Beauty and CosmeticsDesign-Asia editor Amanda Lim, who will discuss the wide-ranging possibilities, complications, and evolution of circular beauty solutions.

The webinar will delve into the complexities of issues like recycling and how it is impacting packaging development, as well as how developers are rethinking product formulation and formats to help close the loop.

Join us for more insight into the beauty industry’s cradle-to-cradle journey. Register here​ for this free Cosmoprof Asia CosmoTalks webinar to discover more about circular beauty innovation.


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