November 26, 2021
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47 Cheap Beauty Products That Work SO Well You’ll Wish You Got Them Sooner – Bustle


Behind every cult-favorite beauty product are thousands of fans screaming their praises. And thanks to the advent of the internet, affordable and effective skin, hair, and makeup products are easier to find than ever before. No longer are we forced to wander drugstore aisles, reading every label and desperately searching for the best moisturizer or lip gloss that $10 can buy us. Affordable beauty has become a lot more specialized and potent in recent years, which is good news for us budget beauty lovers. Gone are the days of stripping off the top layer of your skin with abrasive scrubs or dabbing toothpaste on your face to get rid of a zit: Now we can find inexpensive chemical exfoliators and pimple patches on every virtual shelf.

Whether you’re searching for for the cure for dry, frizzy hair or a holy grail solution for oily skin, there’s a wallet-friendly option out there for you, with countless five-star reviews to back it up. These 47 cheap beauty products are packed with research-backed ingredients and proven techniques to maximize results. And best of all, the most expensive product on this list is $17, though many don’t even scratch the $10 mark. They’ll work hard head to toe to help you look and feel like your best self — without breaking the bank.


A Multi-Use Facial Scrub To Revitalize Dull Skin

Clear built-up oil, dirt, and grime off of your face with the Lava Magik face cleanser, a three-in-one cleanser, scrub, and mask. Formulated with nutrient-rich, exfoliating ingredients, using it a few times a week will leave you with bright, revitalized skin. It rings in at less than $7, and is even cruelty free and vegan to boot.


An Effective Exfoliating Solution For All Skin Types

Give your skin a brightening boost while sealing in moisture with the Bliss jelly glow peel gentle non-abrasive exfoliator. As you scrub your skin, the natural fruit enzymes work to gently loosen dead skin cells, while cellulose fibers cling to them and roll them away as you rinse. It’s an effective exfoliator for oily and acne-prone skin, but sensitive and dry skin types won’t be irritated by the paraben-, phthalate-, and sulfate free- formula.


These Biodegradable Facial Pads With Three Types Of Exfoliants

Glycolic acid is beloved by dermatologists and beauty lovers because it’s an ultra effective exfoliant that won’t overly strip the skin. These Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme use a combination of powerhouse ingredients, including 5% glycolic acid, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid, to improve skin texture and provide moisture. Swipe one of the biodegradable pads over your skin up to three times a week to brighten, decongest, and plump oily and acne-prone skin.


This Hydrating, Refining Toner With A Minimal Ingredient List

Pump some moisture into your skin with this rosewater facial toner, a daily vegan and cruelty free essence that will help it glow once again. Made with hyaluronic acid, rose flower oil, and aloe vera to deeply replenish your skin, this toner has a relatively short ingredient list — so you know that everything in there is working hard to benefit you. It works best for dry to combination skin types, and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines.


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